Jasmine of Draga — a review

Emma Dean does it again.  She turned my world on its head.  Jasmine of Draga is the third installment in the Draga Court series, and let me tell you…that Emma Dean is a shifty character.  For a good chunk of the book, everything moves really slowly.  It’s still interesting, as you’re invested in the characters at this point, but there were few OMG moments…until you reach about 50%.

I have whiplash from my changing opinions on the various characters.  I think I went back and forth on Veri at least 3 to 4 times in this book.  Dean writes such complex characters that I can’t help but push forward, even when my first instinct is to walk away for a bit.  This book is full of startling revelations…so many I didn’t see coming.  I still don’t know how I feel about a few things…like finding out Nadyah’s mate.    I think that the shift in their relationship is one of the saddest things in this book–and there’s a lot of sad.

Betrayals abound, and Raena is up to her crazy shit, but you also find out who is truly loyal to Adelina.  One revelation in particular shocked me so much, I had to take a second break to process that.  Be prepared to have your mind blown as everything you thought you knew gets tossed into the air in this book.

Jasmine of Draga is available February 27, 2018.  Grab it at the link below!



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