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Fire and Bone
Rachel A. Marks
(Otherborn #1)
Publication date: February 20th 2018
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult




“Gossip Girl meets Percy Jackson in the glitz and grit of L.A….”

In Hollywood’s underworld of demigods, druids, and ancient bonds, one girl has a dangerous future.

Sage is eighteen, down on her luck, and struggling to survive on the streets of Los Angeles. Everything changes the night she’s invited to a party—one that turns out to be a trap.

Thrust into a magical world hidden within the City of Angels, Sage discovers that she’s the daughter of a Celtic goddess, with powers that are only in their infancy. Now that she is of age, she’s asked to pledge her service to one of the five deities, all keen on winning her favor by any means possible. She has to admit that she’s tempted—especially when this new life comes with spells, Hollywood glam, and a bodyguard with secrets of his own. Not to mention a prince whose proposal could boost her rank in the Otherworld.

As loyalties shift, and as the two men vie for her attention, Sage tries to figure out who to trust in a realm she doesn’t understand. One thing’s for sure: the trap she’s in has bigger claws than she thought. And it’s going to take a lot more than magic for this Celtic demigoddess to make it out alive.

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I try to shake off Faelan’s hand, but he just grips me harder and tugs me along like I’m a child.

“Is everything all right?” the receptionist asks, looking from me to Faelan with a frown.

“Right as rain, Dana,” he answers with his annoying accent.

I mouth the word help at her, but she doesn’t move; she just watches us with wide eyes
behind thick-rimmed glasses. Her shiny red lips purse in curiosity as we turn left and head down a long hallway.

“Nice try,” Faelan says to me. “She’s a pixie. And she was gawking because she knows
whose daughter you are, not because I was dragging you out of an elevator.”

I deflate and study the surroundings as I’m pulled along. The décor is stark—black and white and gray. Gray wooden floors, and white glass walls that have odd black lines and shapes on them for decoration. Not a speck of color in sight.

As I try to make sense of the designs on the walls, I realize I’m looking at oversize replicas of pencil drawings. Sketches of buildings. And I recognize some of the structures. Did this guy Marius design them?

We turn at the end of the hall and come to a set of large double doors. They’re a deep

Like the blood Ben took from Faelan.

I glance down at his arm. There’s still dried blood on the tattooed skin, but not a scar in
sight. How is this even possible? I can’t wrap my head around it. I’m some sort of goddess’s child? It’s laughably insane. And yet I just watched a vampire I nearly killed with my touch suck the blood from my new tour guide—who is totally fine.



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Author Bio:

Rachel A. Marks is a cancer survivor, a writer and artist, a surfer and dirt-bike rider, chocolate lover and keeper of faerie secrets. Her four kids and amazing hubby put up with her nerdiness with tremendous grace, even when she makes them watch Buffy or Smallville re-runs for days on end. She was voted: Most Likely To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse, but hopes she’ll never have to test the theory.

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