I’m a stay-at-home mom who is just venturing into the world of homeschooling.  I like to cook, hate to clean, and think my kids are the cutest ever.  Being home with them 24/7 gives me more time to putz around on my phone, and I’ve discovered that I can READ on it!  I currently have read over 50,000 pages in this year alone.

I completed my degree 10 years ago in Linguistics, Spanish, and International Studies at the University of Iowa, which means that I actually have some knowledge about that elusive grammar thing.  I’ve since held many different jobs (including gas station cashier, bouncer, and video game tester), but reading has always been my love.

I am currently working as PA for Kristen Banet and may soon be working for another author in the same capacity.  This means that I will be promoting them online.  In the interest of neutrality, I will not be reviewing their books for this blog.  I am also starting to pick up authors as an editor.  I may still review these books, but most likely will not.

I promise to always give honest reviews.  ALL solicited reviews are done on books that were gifted to me.  Unsolicited reviews are books that I purchased myself.  I will try not to be mean, but sometimes the snark sneaks through.  I will do my best not to be rude and be constructive, instead.

My honest review says nothing about the author as a person.  It says nothing about whether I think they should promote their works or continue writing.  It simply says what I think about that one particular book.  My promise to my followers is this:  my reviews will always be 100% honest.  I refuse to praise a book I don’t enjoy.  I refuse to give a poor review to one that I do.  I will try my hardest to explain clearly what I did and did not like in a book.  No matter what, though, you can bank on me being honest.