For Fox Sake — a review


I kind of fan-girl over Emma Dean.  And this series about witches and shifters is just as compelling as anything else I’ve read by her.  While it lacks the depth and political intrigue that is woven into the Draga series, Dean still makes a good showing with regards to character development and building a story that will expand over 3 books.  For Fox Sake is the first in a trilogy of books about a witch without magic who is mated to 3 foxes.

I have to admit, the fated mates thing kind of threw me.  I understand that they’re pretty common in shifter books, but sometimes I really just want somebody to throw a curveball into that trope.  However, I think it would have taken Dean 3 books just to bring her MCs to the point of liking each other, let alone wanting to have a relationship without that mate bond.  So, I accepted it, if only to get to the real meat of the story.

It really feels like the story is developing normally, and then the story jumps time and the reader feels it.  It’s not a smooth transition and I would find myself looking back to make sure I didn’t miss anything, at times.

Dean does something few PNR authors manage to do, though…she infuses her shifters with their animal traits.  PNR authors frequently give their shifters physical mannerisms of their animal form…and we’re often treated to long inner monologues about how the animal is part of them.  Dean, however, puts her money where her mouth is.  When she talks about the fox shifters smiling, there is an overlay of a grinning fox.  When she talks about the games they play, how they interact with the world…it all has this tinge of ‘fox’ to it.  There is a scene where Mackenzie meets the guys (officially) and they fight…and I can just see Finnick bounding around getting excited to play.  This overlay continues through the entire series.

The story arc continues through all 3 books, and there are still parts where I want to shake Dean and ask her WHY, tho!?  (I’ve read all 3).  However, Dean once again tells a compelling story with enough humor, suspense, romance, and action to keep you turning the pages.  Grab your copy below!

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