Life changes

So…Life has been kind of nuts lately. Just letting you guys know that I’m planning on getting back to my regular schedule of lots of book posts, but I’m moving this week and waiting for internet to be installed. I am not helping myself, either. I decided last minute today that my books should be upstairs instead of in the living room–so I moved almost 20 boxes of books when I should have been unpacking. One of the people helping me move asked if I was planning on opening a used book store. Maybe I’ll post a picture once I get enough shelves to put them on.

I’ve got a backlog of books that I’m excited to read and review. The next couple months will have fewer reviews for tours as I get caught up on my galleys and other books that I want to read (I’m looking at you, Auryn Hadley, Cecilia Randell, Emma Dean, Jackie May, Joyce Carole Oates, and too many more). There will still be blitz posts, just not as many reviews for actual blog tours until I get rid of these that have been hanging out for months.

So I’m asking you to hang in there! I’m getting as much done as I can, but my schedule will be a little wonky until we get settled in the new place. Thanks for sticking with me!

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