Shopping for a Billionaire — a review

So, I picked up this book because of the blitz post yesterday.  I figured with it being free and the addition of the audible for 1.99, why not?  Turns out, during part of the insane amount of driving I did this last weekend, this book was just what I needed.

The narrative is kind of rambling.  It’s almost stream-of-consciousness.  However, with it being first person present, it works well.  You definitely get a feel for Shannon as a person, and her minor forays into lala land regarding Mr. Sex-in-a-suit are relatable and realistic.  I know I’ve had those wandering thoughts.  I am very thankful that the comedic events are not as relatable for myself, but they’re still amusing, and, despite my overall mood, the audio book was able to pull me out of my funk regularly.  I found myself laughing out loud at the one-liners.

The narrator does a good job of differentiating various voices, though Shannon and her friend frequently sound close.  The mood of the scenes is well-conveyed, but I kind of wish there were a second, male actor for the male voices to help with the slide from voice to voice.

I did go ahead and grab book 2 (also free at the time of this posting — 3/19/2018, with the audio added at 1.99).

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