Beyond Blue Frontiers — a review


Beyond Blue Frontiers by Cecilia Randell is the third-ish installment in her sci-fi saga, The Adventures of Blue Faust (the second book is really 1.5). I’m going to fully admit that I fangirl a bit over Cecilia and she’s really the one who got me into the RH groups and finding new authors. I read the first Blue Faust story and delved into Facebook to find more about her. When she approached me and asked me to review this, I nearly wet myself. It was already on my list, but hey, we all have our moments!

This book is really about Blue grabbing what she wants and holding on, no matter how wild the ride. The character development in this is amazing. The fact that the characters notice (and accept) changes in Blue (due to a timeline difference between worlds, there aren’t as many changes in the off-world characters) made me extremely happy. Blue is still young in voice, but she’s maturing. She’s still slightly dorky, but knows herself and what she wants much better in this book. This leads to her standing up for herself more frequently, but she manages to maintain that practicality that lets her sit off to the side when necessary. I SERIOUSLY applaud this. There are times when asserting your wishes makes sense and there are times when it makes you seem like a petulant child. Blue understands this and acts accordingly.

The emphasis on communication for the personal relationships just trips all my triggers. The characters even mention that they get frustrated over characters in books who fail to communicate and it causes issues. So when they realize they’re doing the same and actually talk about it, *swoon*. It helps that Mo’ata was raised in a polyandrous society and can help Blue and the others with the common pitfalls and mistakes, but the fact that even the young ones are mature enough to recognize the issue is communication gives me faith that this relationship dynamic will be realistic and genuine.

The tension regarding the search for the crystal and Phi was enough to carry the story. There is not a lot of action in this, nobody gets kidnapped, but there was tension and worry and that was well-conveyed. The ending, though, got me and now I’m all twisted up in knots wondering how this will pan out. Because really, at the beginning of the book, I had hoped for Phi to be redeemable. But, after everything that happened, I just want him gone so Blue can have her happy.

All in all, this was another excellent piece of fiction and I cannot WAIT for the next one. I need to know how this all resolves.

Here’s a link to all the Blue Faust books, as I highly recommend you grab them!


Can we talk about one of the most adorable, genuine sex scenes EVER!? LIKE EVER!? I absolutely loved the scene between Blue and Forrest so much, it makes my heart hurt. OMG. So much awkward and love. And realistic. She doesn’t orgasm. It isn’t slow. It’s awkward body placement and weird spaces and crazy conversation. It’s everything a first time should be. Blue being a virgin and Forrest being nearly a virgin (only two times) are portrayed so well and so lovingly. It’s not amazing sex. It’s just…sex between two young people who have little to no experience…and it’s so much the better for it. It’s seriously one of the best sex scenes I’ve read in a long time, simply because it’s true and you can relate to it. So many times, first time scenes are written as this amazing experience…and so few people actually have that experience. I wanted to cuddle Blue and Forrest after and join in the snuggle-fest. Blue’s “imp” has the best ideas, though, and I can’t wait for THAT to happen.

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