Echoes of Her Soul (Soul Tenders 02) — a review


Serena Lindahl manages to maintain momentum in Echoes of Her Soul, the second installment in her fantasy reverse harem series.  So much information and some action is packed into so little time, but it doesn’t feel rushed at all.  The pacing of events in this series is phenomenal and the transition from Pieces of Her Soul to Echoes of Her Soul is nearly seamless.  I had to go back and read the beginning before starting this review to make sure I was reviewing events in the correct book.  Every time the characters remind themselves of how much time has passed, it’s like they’re reminding me (and this is not a bad thing).  I got so immersed in this book that I frequently lost track of how much time had passed in the story.

World development is more of a priority with this second installment.  The am glad that Lindahl delved more into the politics and history, as well as geography, of the world.  A map would be fantastic, but the expansion on the world does allow for a rough outline of countries, something that was lacking from the first.  As the geography of the world is explored, so is the political atmosphere–including why that wise woman was so interested in Kiarra.

With all this world-building, Lindahl also finds time to build relationships…sort of.  With most “fated” matches, the emotional side of the relationship moves quickly.  I am generally torn on how I feel about this.  I think that Echoes manages to do this rather naturally, though I caught myself saying “NO! IT’S TOO EARLY FOR THAT!” just once.  The relationships between Kiarra and her guys still feel fairly simplistic–but we are repeatedly reminded that they’ve only known each other a week.  So I have hopes that as they spend time together, not only will their magical/metaphysical bond deepen, but their true emotional ties will as well.

Lindahl also starts exploring the topic of religion and ruling–and how the beliefs of a ruler can affect every citizen.  From re-writing of history to control of marriage, she touches briefly on some very hot topics.  I’m sure we’ll see more of them as outside influences (like Acclesh) and inside influences (like Kiarra and her SoulBonds) rock the perceived foundation of the country.

This series is truly unique and something I have looked forward to since the first teaser for Pieces of Her Soul.  I’m anxious to get the next installment!  The characters really come to life and the world is slowly unfolding as a place to be explored.  I would like to see Kiarra and her mates travelling and learning–and I really really want some action (not just in the bedroom)!

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I volunteered to review this book in exchange for a free copy.

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