Ashen (Chronicles of Warshard 03) — cover reveal


The cover was designed by Katherine Bogle herself!


Ashen cover only_remake.jpgThe world is made of monsters.
Adni might be one of them.

After the Evil Queen Kadia razed Warshard, leaving thousands homeless or dead, many of Salander’s people fled to the Cinder Mountains, east of the six kingdoms, seeking refuge.

Adni, the daughter of a treasure hunter, has always despised her father’s bizarre occupation and loathes every family trip in search of riches. Always desperate for more, her father shoves her off a waterfall to retrieve treasure at the bottom of a lake. Instead, Adni is swept up in a violent underwater current, only to be rescued by Julian, a mysterious woman with a flirtatious smile.

Desperate to flee the oppression of her family and the mountains, Adni escapes with Julian to Salander in search of her real father – who might just be a worse monster than the man she left behind.

Ashen will be released November 28th, and is now available for preorder.  Click on the image below to reserve your copy!

Look for my review on Ashen by Katherine Bogle, book 3 of the Warshard Chronicles on November 28, 2017!

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