I’ve been AWOL

I want to apologize to my followers.  I really enjoyed running this blog, but I let it slip to the shadow when other things came about.  I am thinking really hard about whether I want to start again.  I love reading and I love letting people know about the amazing (and not so amazing) books that I’ve found.  But the blog was a huge time commitment and I needed to focus on other things.  I am not doing away with it entirely just yet.  I am going to slowly start integrating it back into my life, because I have missed it.  However it got kind of crazy there for a bit with the promo posts and the review tours.  I’m thinking when I start again, I’m going to tone it down a bit and just do reviews on things I’m reading because I want to.  I was having a hard time saying no, because FREE BOOKS!  However, it became overwhelming which caused me to just ignore it entirely.  If you’ve been following along the banner, though, you’ll see I still have ratings on books and occasionally I do a quick amazon review.  I am going to try to work out a schedule for posts…one that works on MY timeline.  So keep your eyes peeled for the return of my reviews (that don’t contain spoilers…but maybe have more than a little bit of snark).  Thanks to those of you who stuck with me 🙂

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