Your Sound — a review

Your Sound is the third book in the Sherbrooke Station series by Katia Rose.  This one was a difficult one for me to get into.  A lot of this has to do with the stubject matter tackled.  I have a hard time with comedy that uses social awkwardness as a punchline…and so reading about somebody who has extreme social awkwardness caused by social anxiety was difficult.  However, just like Your Echo, Rose manages to capture the essence of two people who are very real and sucks you in to a story that feels like it could happen.

The handling of ADHD and anxiety (though anxiety is never actually named) was well-done.  The low-self esteem of both characters, the feeling of being in a role that you feel you have to play because that’s what’s expected, the terror that comes with stepping outside that role…all of it is handled with a beauty and simplicity that really makes the reader relate to the characters as well as feel for them.  I’ve read some books recently that have characters with anxiety, but the relating of the “symptoms” was clinical.  Rose doesn’t do this.  She manages to convey the emotions and feelings of her characters in such a way that the reader actually understands.  Rose is truly gifted in this.

I also love that, once again, there is no conflict for conflict’s sake.  The story is simply the story of two souls meeting and growing together.  It doesn’t gloss over the set-backs, and they are there for a purpose.  The actions and reactions of the characters are believable and don’t deviate from the characters…and when they act “out of character” it isn’t a plot point–it’s because they are changing their character due to true growth.

If you want to read a sweet story about two people who finally find the person who TRULY understands them…then grab your copy of this book today.  While it’s helpful to read the other books in the series before you start, it’s not necessary.  This book definitely is understandable and enjoyable all on its own. Click on the image below to get a copy!

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