Queen Takes King (Their Vampire Queen 02) — a review

Blood has never been so sexy.

Well.  Joely Sue Burkhart has done it again.  In the second installment of her Their Vampire Queen series, she explores more mythology and the real source of Shara’s growing powers.

The thing that is most interesting for me about this series is the fact that each book takes place over the course of days.  It feels so much longer, but it really is only days.  The beauty of this slow (HA!) progression is that we really get to live the day with the characters.  They become so real because Burkhart uses that time to really let us know what their emotions and thoughts are.  The reader becomes highly invested in the characters emotions and feelings.

In what I saw as a stroke of brilliance, Burkhart manages a to bring current events and topics to the table by incorporating them into her mythology.  I became giddy when she mentioned catcalling as a level of evil/corruption of good.  And while the events and topics are not expanded on, their importance to Burkhart as well as how they fit into the mythology is clear.

I generally have an issue with insta-love.  Insta-attraction is cool and insta-sex is cool…but insta-love is not so much.  However, in Queen takes King, The explanation of how a love can happen is quite simple.  When you can see and hear every thought.  When you can delve into a person’s mind and feel every emotion..How can you not love a person you know that well?  This appeases my usual need to have something develop at a slower pace.

Overall, this book rates another 5 stars.  I was sad when it was over and am looking forward to the next release, Queen takes Queen.

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