Just One Time — a review

K. S. Hunter’s debut thriller, Just One Time, was as intense as I expected it to be.  The whole book was spend waiting for David to catch on to the crazy that was Nina.  Meanwhile the drama of his family barrels along in the background.

There is literally one likable character in this book…Maddie…the 3 year old.  Every other character encountered made me angry or creeped me out.  David is a cheating husband, but I really feel sorry for him.  Nina is terribly persistent and intense, and his wife is a raging bitch.  I’ve been cheated on.  You don’t get the guy to stick around by acting like you hate him all the time.  That’s terribly irrational.  I was impressed with David’s fortitude to stick around.  His best friend is a womanizing ass, and Nina is just plain crazy.  The signs are there from the start when she knows his name.

I was, however, disappointed in the ending.  The whole time, you’re anticipating this huge pop of SOMETHING to mark the end. What actually happened was more like a deflating balloon.  It felt like it belonged to a different story.

Overall, this book flowed really well and was the kind of intense that keeps you reading well into the night.  Good editing and great pacing along with excellent character development made it a good read.

Pick up your copy today! Releases December 07, 2017.


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