Becoming a Vincent (Wild Ones 01) — a review

C.M. Owens has been on my radar for a while, but a friend basically shoved Becoming a Vincent at me and told me I had to read it.  She was right.  This is the kind of romance that I love because it’s not super sappy, it’s not cheesy, it’s just light-hearted and sweet and vindictive.

Lilah and Benson come to life in a way few characters do.  Their slow build toward a love that everybody notices but them is well-balanced with their sudden realization that they are more than friends.  The humor is off the charts, with Benson loving Lilah because of her crazy, not in spite of it.  He even breaks out of his shell to prove it to her.  I stayed up late into the night thanking the gods for memory foam mattresses because they kept me from waking the husband and baby while I silently giggled my way into the wee hours of the morning.  Who doesn’t love a good romp through the woods while shooting family with BB guns and water cannons?  Seriously…if nothing else, you have to read this because the beards.

This is a perfectly executed rom-com that leaves you begging for the next release.  Keep an eye on the Wild Ones series from C.M. Owens.  It’ll be worth it.

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